8 Useful Tips on How to Fix Chipped Paint on Wall

How to Fix Chipped Paint on Wall

We often take the help of paints so that we can decorate the interior and exterior design of our house. To bring out the best result of house painting, people only buy the paint colors and apply them directly to the previous paint on the wall of the house. However, if you are making up your mind to paint again your house then first you need to pay attention to the existing color of your paint. The house owner should ask their house painters to remove the previous color from there so that the new one can set it properly and provide the best result. If you let the previous chipped painting on your walls then the new painting color will not fit appropriately. Therefore you need to take the help of the tips on how to fix chipped paint on wall.

Besides that, this thing can also create some other problems if you do not pay attention to this matter. Probably your walls will not get the best finishing after applying the paintings. And the roughness will simply be visible to you and will not offer the best look for your house after renovating it. Therefore as a house owner, you will have to take the best decisions for your house and need to follow some of the basic steps. By following the best and most useful tips on how to fix chipped paint on wall it will be easier for you to fix the chipped paintings.

At the same time after a few months, you can again face the problem of chipped Paints on your wall again. Both your time and money will be wasted if you do not previously solve this particular chipped paint problem on your wall. So we will suggest all the house owners go with the best and most useful tips on how to fix chipped paint on wall. And try to practice all of the needed things that will help them to get the best finishing for coating their walls.

Things that you will need

Before starting the painting procedure on your house first you need to bring some of the important things to your house. These things will help you to paint your walls easily and you can gain the best result of wall painting. Things that you need to have in this procedure are

  • Paint scraper
  • Wire brush
  • Fine-grit sandpaper
  • Paint
  • Primer
  • Drywall compound
  • Putty knife
  • Paintbrush
  • Wood filler

How to fix chipped paint on wall processes

To start the process of wall painting you need to go through all the step-by-step processes that we are mentioning in this paragraph. By practicing the tips on how to fix chipped paint on wall, you can easily able to decorate the interior and exterior walls of your house immediately.

1. Scrape Away the Loose Edges

By taking the help of a paint scraper, at first, you will have to remove all the loose edges from your walls. Try to remove all of them before applying the final color to the wall. But you need to stop immediately when you will not able to pull down anymore the loose edges from your wall. Do not damage the wood of your wall you will have to keep this thing in your mind. This is the first and the basic step that will help you to start your process to solve the problem of chipped paint from your walls.

2. Remove the Loose Paint by Brushing

The next step is to remove the loose paint by taking the help of a brush. Bring a wire brush and start removing the paints. You will have to give your own focus to the damaged edges of your wall and need to properly remove the Paints from them again. Do not make hurry in your process otherwise, all the edges will not remove the loose paint properly.

3. Apply the Wood Filler

To cover the damaged areas on your walls now you will have to take the help of wood filler and need to give a light layer. The putty knife will make your task much easier and faster and will help you to spread the wood filler to all the areas of your damaged wall. However the extra wood filler you can remove later. And it is a must thing to use or to take the help of a putty knife to give the best finishing or surface to your walls.

4. Allow the Wood Filler to Dry

After doing all of these things now here is the time to give complete rest to the wood filler. Let them dry and leave them alone until it gets properly dry and you can again start the next step. However, if the wall will not properly dry then the coating or the layering of your paint will not fit the wall and bring out the best finishing as well. Normally it takes 45 minutes to 1 hour to completely become dry. But you can also leave them for at least 2 hours for the best result of dryness.

5. Sand Down the Wood Filler

The next step is to sand down from your properly. But do not allow them to directly down on your bare wood. Take a fine-grit paper and apply it to all those Areas where you see improper coating or extra sand. Try to apply it smoothly to remove all of them. Don’t make a rush to remove all of them otherwise; you can again damage the coating of your wall.

6. Check for Smoothness

After doing all of these things and now here is the time to check the smoothness. You will have to pay attention to all those damaged areas. And need to check the properly and thoroughly the smoothness. And after finding all the smoothness of your walls perfect you can probably take the help of the next step.

7. Apply the Primer

And the last step that will completely help you to go away the chipped paint from your wall by applying the primer. This is the most important thing and you need to apply it from every corner to corner and up to the bottom of your wall. To get the perfect finishing and satisfaction you will have to fill all the edges. By using the primer on your wall you will eventually prepare your walls to get the new house wall painting for the new decoration of your interior and exterior house.

And the final step is to apply the color which you want to put on your walls so that it can give you and best appearance for your house. Besides that by purchasing the best-branded wall paint colors, as a house owner, you can again able to protect your house from all the damages for upcoming next few years.


Therefore these are the most useful tips on how to fix chipped paint on wall. Try to get the help of all these above mention ways so that your house looks appropriate and perfect.