How to Make Guests Feel Welcome in Your Home


When you have guests over, the last thing you want is for them to feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. It’s important to make them feel at home and make sure they enjoy their time in your company. But how do you achieve this?

Ask Them

Rather than trying to guess, one of the easiest ways to make your guests feel more comfortable is to ask them directly. When they arrive, take a moment to have a conversation and find out what would make them feel the most comfortable. This way, you can tailor the experience to their needs and preferences.

Make Them Feel at Ease

Next, take some time to make sure that your guests feel at ease. This can be as simple as offering them a drink or taking their coat. If they seem tense or nervous, take a moment to chat with them and help them relax. The more you know them, the easier it becomes to accommodate them in your home.

Show Them Around

After you’ve made them feel welcome, take a moment to show your guests around your home. This will help them feel more comfortable and give them a better sense of their surroundings. If you have any special features in your home, be sure to point them out. Rather than walking around trying to find the bathroom, they know exactly where to go. Without a tour, your guests may feel as though they are intruding.

Offer Comfortable Bedding and Towels

During their stay, you want your guests to be as comfortable as possible. This means providing them with clean and comfortable bedding and towels. If you have a spare bedroom, make sure it is clean and free of clutter.

If you don’t have a spare bedroom, consider setting up a comfortable air mattress or futon in your living room; your guests will appreciate having their own space to sleep in.

Once again, the level of service you provide depends on the circumstances. For example, having a sibling and their partner stay for a couple of nights will require a different approach to somebody from Airbnb staying for a full week. For example, the latter might require goat soap with Manuka honey and other high-quality items.

Provide Breakfast and Snacks

Although you are not expected to provide all meals, it is nice to offer breakfast and snacks. This shows that you care about your guests and want them to have a good experience; it is also a great opportunity to get to know your guests better and learn about their interests. Before they visit, why not ask your guests if they have any dietary requirements or preferences? This will help you to plan and make sure that everyone is happy.

Don’t Interrupt Too Much

Next, be mindful of how much you interrupt. It can be tempting to want to chat all the time when you have someone new in your home, but it’s important to give your guests some space too. If they’re looking at something or concentrating on something, leave them be. It’s also worth bearing in mind that some people may not be as outgoing as others, so they may not want to make small talk all the time.

Be Fair

Above all else, be fair to your guests. If you have rules in your home, make sure that you enforce them equally for everyone. No one likes to feel like they’re being treated differently, and it will only make your guests feel uncomfortable.

By following these simple tips, you can be sure that all guests enjoy your home and want to return soon!