Find Why the Story of Dutch Bros Straw Code Has Gone Viral

Dutch Bros Straw Code

Who doesn’t know about Dutch Bros Coffee? They have been popular for a long time with friendly or convenient drive-through services with lots of choices for coffee lovers or other people as well. If you are a coffee lover, you must have heard of the Dutch Bros Straw Code, but most people are still in mystery whether it is true or not. The controversy on this code by Dutch Bros Coffee has been in the news for a while.

People think it is a mystery that the employees present in the drive-through do not use these straw codes randomly or every day. Their unique way of communicating with their customers is to give different compliments according to their behavior and dress appearance.

In this article, we will discuss more Dutch Bros Straw Code to know about every fact before you try it for yourself. Let’s get started with the article then!

When Did It All Start?

Among the people who love to buy coffee from Dutch Bros, nobody is familiar with the date or place from where and when this Dutch bros straw code originated. But the little trick with the straw code went viral on social media such as Facebook or Instagram platforms.

People usually say that these straws are not frequently given to the customers. Many people even don’t believe that these exist. There are many who have received these straws and posted the pictures or written about them on their website which makes the straws a real deal.

We suggest you discover on your own by dressing yourself up a little before paying a visit to Dutch Bros. Maybe you will find  a straw for yourself.

What You Need To Know About Dutch Bros Straw Code?

Different color straws signify different meanings about your personality. No one knows if straw codes exist or not. But these marketing tricks bring a lot of customers to buy coffee. If you don’t find it convincing, why not try it yourself. Of course, if you go with the primary dressing, you might get the Yellow straw, which means something you may not like, but it creates a feeling of fun among customers.

Not every straw is given by the same person. It is said that it can be given by any of their employees who is serving you during your purchase. They will give your straw according to the perception they hold about your dressing. We know some people might find it intimidating but don’t take it seriously as the environment in the Dutch Bros are pretty friendly.

There are different colors in straws available, such as blue, yellow, pink, green, or orange. Each color depicts a different meaning, and mostly they give pink or yellow straws to their customers.

Let’s find out the meaning of each color so that you can easily find out what the coffee server thinks about your personality.

Different Types Of Straws By Dutch Bros

They are using five to seven different colors for following the straw code. We decode the meaning of each color:

Pink Color Straw: this color tells you that the employee who is serving you coffee thinks you are cute or pretty. This is why most people crave the pink color straw while ordering their coffee at Dutch Bros.

Green Color Straw: This color tells that person who puts your coffee thinks that you are unattractive or unpleasant to him.

Orange Color Straw: If you receive the orange straw, the coffee provider thinks about you as a weird person. You might seem strange or mysterious to him.

Yellow Color Straw: This is the most common straw as the yellow straw you will receive when you are looking average or so so. It means there is nothing new about your personality.

Blue Color Straw: The blue color straw represents a rude personality. If you look rude to the person serving your coffee, you will get this straw in your cup.

Most people do not favor receiving these straws by the Dutch Bros as they don’t want to get judged or opinionated by their employees or staff. But after asking from the Dutch Bros, they said that they randomly gave these bright-colored straws without any judgment as these poppy colors look excellent or exciting with the coffee cups.

Is It For Real That The Dutch Bros Straw Code?

 Now, many people find this straw code may be fake, or some of them haven’t encountered it yet to pass a comment. So might be, it does not exist for many people. There are tons of coffee orders every day by the people passing the drive-through. It makes people think or believe that these straws are given randomly, not following some code as barista employees don’t have time.

Along with that, different people say that these straw codes are accurate, and they have received their own surprising straws from the coffee person at the order counter.

Many customers have asked about the reality of the Dutch Bros Straw Code from their employees, but the information is not provided by the original source, or it still comes from the people saying.

If you love coffee and order it from the Dutch Bros., you might have seen someone who has received these straws. If you have, do share your thoughts, and our readers will love to hear about it.


 In the end we are not in favor of providing straws commenting based on the physical appearance. But on the other hand, we all don’t know whether these straw codes by Dutch Bros are actual or people just making rumors about it. But it is for sure that it is a great way to attract more and more customers to keep buying coffee or other drinks from them in the hope of getting a pink straw.

You can try something new with your appearance to see if the employees notice you and offer you the coffee with the unique straw or not. Please leave us a comment below to solve this mystery if you find the honest answer about the Dutch Bros Straw Code.


What is the straw code?

Straw Code is the scheme of colored straw invented by the Dutch Bros. It tells the people or the person ordering what the barista secretly thinks about them. There are different colored straws to compliment you on your physical appearance. It can be praising or insulting as well.

What do straw colors mean?

There are different colors such as pink, yellow, orange, green, or blue to complement their customers. Each color represents a particular compliment about looking at their physical appearance. We have mentioned the meaning of each color in our article. Please have a look.

What does a pink straw at Dutch Bros mean?

If you have received the pink straw in your coffee cup, then the person serving your coffee or barista thinks that you are pretty or cute after looking at you.

What if you receive white straw with your coffee cup?

The straw code for the white straw is simple. But don’t you think simple is excellent and persuasive. It means you are good and do not need any judgment on your physical appearance by any barista. So white straw is better than some colored straw.