8 Beautiful Evergreen Trees for Landscaping Your Lawn

Landscaping Your Lawn

A symbol of eternal life and immortality, evergreens have continued to grace living rooms and gardens for a very long time. Depicted as the go-to tree during Christmas, they are the perfect fresh candidates during the cold winter months as they keep their lush and green colouring.

Pine trees, which are considered to be the most popular subspecies, are the first thing that people think of when choosing an evergreen tree for their home landscaping. However, do you know, there is a multitude of evergreen varieties that you could choose from?

With each offering its own unique designs, benefits, hardiness, and aesthetic, it’s time for you to expand your evergreen catalogue. Depending on your location, terrain, and weather, not all evergreen trees will bloom there. So, before you take your pick, check this list out for an insight into which subspecies will match your property best.

Here is a list of the evergreen trees for your garden:

  1. Southern Magnolias

 Recognizable by its glossy, large leaves, the southern magnolia provides plenty of shade on sunny days. It also has a rusty-coloured underside and lemon-scented snow-white flowers that bloom during the summer; making them the perfect addition to your garden to balance out the colours.

It’s also very versatile when it comes to shaping and pruning, so you can freely explore your whims with it. Suitable for small gardens, they can be placed in relatively big pots or planted directly. However, southern magnolias are not fit for wet soil or frigid weather, so it’s best to have them if you’re on the sunny West Coast, like Alberta.

  1. Red Robins

 Fast-growing and hardy, Red Robins are best known for their pinkish flowers and red shoots. Perfect for small lawns, they are usually used as hedges and borders and can be planted in separate pots. However, due to their rapid growth, regular pruning is needed, as they can be top-heavy when left to overgrow.

Commonly used to add contrast to an overly-green garden, Red Robin is the choice to go if you want to break up the colour monotony. And, due to their robust nature, they are very affordable and are found as one of the most common evergreen trees for sale in Toronto.

  1. Cabbage Palms

 Commonly found in areas with mild weather, cabbage palms, usually mistaken as palm trees, are usually used as garden centrepieces due to their spiky branches and exotic appearance. Tall, and rugged, this evergreen species tends to catch the attention of onlookers.

However, when it’s time for the dead leaves to wilt, they often hang low and become an unsightly distraction. They also can’t grow in cold temperatures, as they are easily affected by frost.

The best locations for them are usually by the seaside, or on a sheltered lawn. Since they’re very hard to uproot, if you decide to remove or transfer them, it’s best to call an expert in tree removal from Newmarket to avoid any garden damage.

  1. Golden Wattles

 Also known as the Florist’s Mimosa, this evergreen tree blooms whole year-round with its golden-yellow fluffy flowers, which change appearance thorough the seasons. As spring approaches, this species will emit a marzipan-like fragrance to attract pollinators, and during the summer, grows feathery foliage that resembles a fern.

However, during windy weather, they can be quite brittle, especially when they’re in full bloom, as it is part of their pollination process. This evergreen tree is perfect for you if you live in mild-temperature locales.

  1. Mayten Trees

 Rare and unique, the Mayten Tree has been a common choice for expert landscape designers. With its narrow frame and emerald leaves, they create a sweeping effect that provides a wonderful flow to your garden.

It blooms best when it’s near the coast, and bends well during strong winds. However, cold temperatures and frost can be fatal, so cover them with burlap and sheets during winter.

  1. Golden King

 Hollies or Golden Kings were once known to protect one’s home from witches and evil spirits during medieval times, making them a popular species in traditional gardens. Now, even in these modern times, they still make a lovely addition to your lawn as they produce berries during spring.

They also come in 2 varieties, namely the Pyramidalis, which is the typical green plant, and the Golden King, which colourfully blooms all year-round. However, for them to grow successfully, you’ll need to pair your Golden King with a female variety for pollination. Pruning is also necessary as they can grow gangly over time.

  1. Juniper

 If you’re looking for an evergreen tree that produces bounties that go directly into your kitchen, then juniper is the way to go. With its dark berries hanging low during autumn, it can provide you with the perfect ingredients for your holiday feasts.

Coincidentally, junipers are also the main ingredients for gin, so if you’re trying to make your own drink, then it’s the way to go. Junipers come in different colours and varieties, so if you want to brighten up your garden, you can spread them across the landscape.

  1. Eucalyptus

 Often used for medicinal purposes Eucalyptus trees grow tall and wide. So, if you’re trying to organize a large garden space, then this species can be your centre piece. There are smaller varieties that you can choose from, so don’t worry about dealing with an overgrown one.

And, since their root system is not that developed, you should install a sprinkler system from Mississauga to protect it during droughts.

There’s more to evergreen trees than the generic and monochromatic pine trees that are mostly grown and advertised. You have plenty of types to choose from, so don’t be scared to get creative with your landscaping ideas.

Landscaping with evergreen trees is perfect for a beginner. As most of these species are tough and hardy, there is much room to make mistakes and learn. So, add them to your garden now, and enjoy a lawn that never goes out of style.