3 Signs That You Need AC Repair

AC Repair

Many homeowners wait until the obvious problems are obvious before they call a professional for AC repair. The most common AC-related calls occur when the home’s temperature is uncomfortably hot or cold and the system simply stops working. Waiting too long to call a professional can lead to more problems and more money spent on repairs. Here are some common signs of AC-related problems. Read on to learn more about these problems and how to identify them.

Air filter needs to be changed

If you use your a/c often, chances are that your air filter needs to be changed. As your home is more heavily used, you will find that your air filter needs to be replaced more often. Here’s how to do it yourself. You can check the filter yourself by opening the air vent cover. You can replace the filter every two to three months. After you’ve done that, you can call a professional for ac repair.

Condenser coils need to be cleaned

If you suspect that your ac system may be in need of AC repair, then it’s time to clean your condenser coils. Before you can clean your coils properly, you’ll need to turn the unit off. To do so, locate the fuse, which should be located outside near the cabinet. You’ll also need to apply less force than normal when cleaning the coils. Because the condenser coil is made up of hundreds of thin, vertical “fins,” cleaning it vigorously may damage them.

Air ducts need to be cleaned

If your AC system is having trouble, it may be time to have your air ducts cleaned. As they are a common source of dirt and contaminants, they should be cleaned regularly. Dirty ducts can lead to a host of problems, including poor indoor air quality. These contaminants can also make your system work harder, which increases energy bills and shortens its lifespan. Here are three reasons why you need your ducts cleaned:

Refrigerant leak

There are several signs of a refrigerant leak in an air conditioning system, and a repair technician should be able to locate it quickly. In many cases, the leak is so small that you will not notice it at first. You may notice that your air conditioner does not cool as well as it should, even though it runs fine and the fans blow air. Over time, your air conditioning system may slowly lose its cooling capacity and will run more frequently than normal. In such a case, you should immediately call a professional for assistance.

Fan blades need to be replaced

One of the most common problems with an air conditioning unit is the fan. While fans are designed to move air, they can get loose and bent over time. If this occurs, they must be replaced to ensure proper operation of the system. Additionally, bent or loose blades can cause additional damage to the system. To determine if fan blades need to be replaced, plug in the system and test it.