Top 5 Easter Flower with Their Meanings

Easter Flower

Easter is knocking on the door already. It is a festival when we celebrate the rebirth of Christ. We know it is the festival of love, abundance, and coming close to Christianity. It is one of the most favorite holidays among everyone around the globe for various reasons.

We can see people celebrating throughout the festival by having feasts and decorating their house with flowers. People gift each other during this time as well. Having said that, let’s discuss the top 5 Easter Flowers and their meanings.


Let’s be honest; we cannot think about Easter without thinking about a bouquet of lilies. Lilies are one of the most conventional flowers during this time. The serene appearance of these flowers gives the whole festival a heavenly theme. Lilies epitomize innocence and purity, which is also associated with Jesus Christ. Lilies also symbolize rebirth and hope. As the festival of Easter also symbolizes the resurrection of Christ, we can say that Lilies are the best flowers to use in this festival.


The association of Daffodils to Easter is also because it is considered to be the first sign of Spring. In Christianity, the flower Daffodils has become the symbol of resurrection. These flowers also mean new hope or beginnings, making them great flowers during Easter. Daffodils can be a good gifting option as it also holds a romantic connection.


When we talk about Easter flower Valley Stream NY, we mainly associate them with pastel flowers, and the Hyacinths does just that. The mesmerizing fragrance is a bonus. The flower symbolizes peace, power, commitment, and pride. The whole vibe of the flower is beauty and courage simultaneously. It is one of the preferable flowers in any festival.


Fresh tulips are everyone’s favorite. Thanks to Flowers Delivery Services Valley Stream we can get fresh flowers at our doorstep. The best part about Tulips is that it comes in various types of colors and styles. The shape of a tulip resembles the spherical shape of an Easter egg. Although each color of the tulip carries its own significance, the flower mainly epitomizes “perfect love.” Many say it also symbolizes forgiveness and royalty.


The beauty of a daisy flower is unmatched. It is a florist Valley Stream NY favorite as it is easy to grow. Because of its cheerful appearance, the flower is mainly associated with purity and innocence. It also personifies fertility. People believed that God used to sprinkle daisies to cheer up parents who had lost their kids. Many daisies in a bouquet give a very pure and serene ambiance to your Easter decorations.

During this particular time, we generally witness some of the best decorations. Every flower has its own distinct meaning and value around this festival. Flowers and Easter go together. With the help of same day flower delivery Valley Stream NY services, you can gift these flowers to your loved ones. I hope you enjoy the upcoming festive season with your loved ones.