7 Most Important Things Not To Be Missed in Nursery Schools

Nursery Schools

One thing that certainly haunts every parent in life is to choose the “First school for your child”. Isn’t it? Well, not to worry, we have come up with seven important things that must be included in nursery schools.

Sending little munchkins to school for the first time is quite hard for parents. We all know that Nursery schools build a strong foundation for children which help them to compete in further classes. Today, parents understand the importance of education in elementary classes; hence make the utmost effort to choose the best nursery school for their children. Thinking about what exactly to be checked in preschools?

Here are the 7 most important things that must be present in your selected Nursery Schools-

1. Hygiene and Cleanliness

Kids’ skin is very sensitive and easily prone to dust, infection, or skin problems especially when they enter new surroundings. Hence, parents must check that their babies are going to “sanitized and cleaned” schools only for their healthier growth. Following things must be checked, have a look-

  • Classrooms must be ventilated, clean and well-lit
  • Washrooms should be cleaned regularly.
  • Ample space must be available so that your child can play and walk.
  • The walls, ceiling, inside & outside portion of the classroom must be well cleaned.

2. Outdoor Activities

It has been widely seen that those children who play in routine have healthy bodies and good immune systems. Not only this, they are physically and mentally fit and fine. And, yes you can rightly say that the classroom is not just enough, outdoor activities are also very crucial for developing your child’s mind. So, make sure that the school you are selecting for your child facilitates outdoor activities from time to time.

Many activities are essential for children like gardening, sand play, race, catch and throw games, etc. This way your child will feel active and their mind will be sharp.

3. Playground Facilities

It would be great if your child is getting proper playground space for playing. It adds a feather to the cap if it is surrounded by different items including props. Child development experts give focus to the playground because it helps to develop physical, cognitive, emotional, and social skills productively. Also, it improves the following skills-

  • Cognitive abilities
  • Social Awareness
  • Coordination
  • Language
  • Motor skills and so forth.

4. Art & Craft Activities

Playschool is certainly incomplete if it does not possess any art and craft corner. Kids love to do drawings and artwork. This is the best way to give a way to their imagination. They can draw whatever comes to mind or they can use their mind to make something productive in the classroom. You can say, this is a place where they can use their innovative and creative mind.

This is the only reason parents make sure that selected nursery schools must have an art and craft section. Materials like colors, crayons, scissors, glue, paper give babies to think about something different and interesting.

5. Reading & Learning

The strong base for toddlers starts from the elementary classes only. Hence, schools must give extra focus to the reading and learning skills of students. Noida International school understands the value of these essential skills thus creating innovative classrooms while adding picture books, words & letter activities, and storybooks. This helps kids to develop listening skills and they can easily get command of languages.

Kids are not able to read words on their own so teacher’s must-read books in front of them. It ultimately helps to develop the toddler’s imagination and upbringing.

6. Music Corner

For nursery school, music corner setup is also a very important thing to be considered by parents. Music helps kids to learn the sound of letters, rhythm, and different words. This process helps them to get command over the language.

You must have noticed that kids make gestures and facial expressions while singing songs or rhymes. Well, it is because they associate themselves with the sound of instruments. Not only this, it calms your baby’s mind.

7. Block and Puzzle Activities

Last but not least, puzzle and block solving activities develop the mind of children. This is an active playing process through which your child learns to coordinate between hand and eye while keeping the mind sharp and active.

Block-making develops certain qualities in kids like improving math skills, vocabulary, and even helps them to face and come across tough challenges.

These are the seven crucial things that must be included in your selected preschool for your child. After all, it’s about your baby’s growing period. You can’t be negligent while choosing the best preschool.

Searching for the best nursery school for your child?

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