SMS tracker app: The Right Call for Text Related Problems


I was sitting with my twins in the lounge and both of their phones were continuously making notifications noise. It was like both of them were in intense conversation and the messages keep coming. I tolerated this for a good while but expecting that they will settle things and slow down on their own is mere fruitless hope.

Thus I asked them to make the phones go on silent, please. That’s when I found out that there was this emoji war going on between both of them and who responded a second late will lose. That’s why not even one of them wanted to miss a second to make the texting sound silent.

I had to leave the contest because I would have gone completely insane while sitting there. I think we humans have lost the touch of good communication because of this easy texting communication. Feelings are just expressed in the form of emojis and Gif and thus we are forgetting how to deliver our opinions in words. Moreover, the thing is people tend to prefer texting as you have got a sense of control.

You can choosethe time of texting, time of response,even if you want to text or not, can think about what to say and much more. Thus two-way communication through texting seems more like a robotic conversation than a real human version.

With easy access to instant messenger chat apps and free texting through different social media platforms, social problems are increasing in society, especially among teenagers. Now we can’t just leave the texting world or omit texting services’ ability from our lives completely. But bet we can find a permanent solution. SMS tracker app or texting spy app is the ultimate answer to many problems.


Expression of emotions and feelings just through text messages, emojis and stickers are pretty common in the young generation. I accepted an apologies text from one of the newly hired interns that have tons of emojis in it. Call me old or old school but you cant just use emojis and emoticons in a serious or professional situation.

I mean telling someone passed away and using crying emojis is cringe. Teenagers usually depend on emojis more than anyone. Thus usean SMS tracker in your teenager’s gadgets and track if they are depending too much on texting then maybe it’s time to take some action.

Track The Code:

Texting encourages code language. People tend to use codes to deliver a secret message. It is pretty common among office colleagues, employees and even teenagers. Use the spy app services like the SMS tracker for employee monitoring and try to decode the coded conversation among employees. Catch any spies who try to share confidential information in the form of coded texts and take strict action against them.

Smishing :

Smishing is basically phishing through SMS.  It is one of the common problems as people apparently trust a text coming to their mobile phones and get scammed. People responsible for smishing usually use automated services to send text messages. It can be anything you might have won a lottery,a car,any gift or more.

They usually target people by stealing their personal information from public sources. Make sure your loved ones do not become the victim of smishing as you can save them by using the SMS tracker. The app lets you know everything about the sent and received messages. Track any weird message presence and block it right away.

The service can help parents to assurethe safety of the kids. As aparent,it’s your moral duty to make sure your kid is safe using cellular services.


Sexting is sharing of sexual content through text. It is common in adults and teenagers but the chance of misuse of sexts among teenagers is high. SMS tracking service makes it possible for the user to know about any such activity. You can know if the target is involved in sexting,sharing others’sext messages forward without consent and more.


Sextortion means threatening victims for money or doing anything against their will with the ultimatum to share any embarrassing recording with the family or public.The video can be from a hacked camera or some other source. This type of situation can be time tracked and avoided with the help of a spy app.

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