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Simon Whistler

In this present day, a lot of YouTubers are ruling over the audiences and leaving a powerful trace of them. There are different types of YouTubers are entertaining the audiences in different ways. By selecting the most demanding topics and offering the best content to the audiences, they are gaining a strong position within the hearts of audiences. You must be a fan of a YouTube and like to see their numerous contents.

Every day, a lot of YouTubers are trying their luck to impress their audiences with their content. A few manage to bring success for entertaining the audience and impressing them. However, others are still struggling to entertain their subscribers for audiences. Few short-listed YouTubers remain in these industries which are very popular for their Creations. By providing unique content and storylines they set their mark too high.

Today in this article we are going to share a few untold and hidden story lines of Simon whistler. His popularity spread all over the world as he is a multi-talented person and creates a lot of unique content for the audiences. Therefore, this whole article will help you to know the audiences about each and every interesting fact about Simon Whistler.

Who is Simon Whistler?

People who are very much interested to know more about Simon whistler should pay their attention carefully to our article. With the help of this article, we are going to cover all those important facts and stories about him. It will help you all to know him better and closer. At first, we will have to know who he is and why he is famous.

In simple words, Simon Whistler is a popular British YouTuber. He is known as one of the most popular podcast hosts equally. This popular YouTuber, personality, or the author is also known for his amazing educational and informative content creation. Simon whistler runs two YouTube channels that are very famous among the audiences. The name of the YouTube channels of Simon Whistler is TopTenzNet and TodayIFoundOut.

Working as a host on these two major YouTube channels he constantly offers his audiences unique and informative video content. Maximum of the video contents of Simon Whistler are very much entertaining which the audiences like the most about it. Simon Whistler is also run another one of the YouTube channels on his own name very he uploads all the traveling blogs. He is a travel enthusiastic person and loves to travel a lot. Whenever he gets a chance to explore the world he goes for it and records all the moments on his camera.

Later in time, to entertain his audiences he uploaded traveling blogs through the YouTube channels. However, there are a lot of things that will be more exciting to know about Simon Whistler. We are going to quickly discuss those topics to offer you more interesting stories of Simon Whistler’s life. Very few people know that his personal YouTube channel which runs on his name had only a traveling blog in it. To collect more information about him and his YouTube channel as well you can search on the internet with Simon Whistler Wikipedia.

Simon Whistler Age

The popular talented British YouTuber Simon Whistler was born on 15 May 1987. According to 2022, He is about to be 35 years old. There are still a few months to go to be 35 years old of this young talented British YouTuber. Currently, he is 34 years of old a talented guy.

Simon Whistler Biography and Early Life

Like other successful personalities, Simon Whistler also kept all his personal information private. He does not want to talk about his personal life too much. However, as we all know the fact that he is born on 15th May in 1987. Except for this information, nobody knows about the names of his parents, whether he has any siblings or relatives or not.

As usual, it does not unfold about any one of the particular information about his parents. He always manages to keep all his personal information to himself like other popular YouTubers and film stars. Simon Whistler was born in the United Kingdom, England. This is the information that has been confirmed by him about his personal life and Biography.

Simon Whistler Height and Weight

The YouTuber Simon Whistler has a fair skin tone with attractive personality. He is a very tall guy and the height is around 6 feet and 5 inches. In addition, the weight of Simon Whistler is 58 kg Approx. If you have to mention the height in cm then it is 196cm. On the other side, the weight is approx 128Ibs.

Simon Whistler Education

From his childhood days, Simon Whistlerhad a deep concern about theatres and always wanted to be a part of theatre as well. Soon after joining High School, he joined the School drama division where he gets the chance to know more about the theatre. Besides that, he also manages to get a scholarship from the theatre after High School. From the age of a teen, he used to visit theatres and learn everything about theatre life and work equally. After that, he appeared in college for his higher studies but nobody knows about his school and college names. He never let his audiences know about this personal information about his educational life.

Simon Whistler Wife

After reaching and gaining a lot of popularity and Fame by his work he settles down in his personal life. He is a married man as well as a family person. Simon Whistler has a beautiful daughter too. Except for these things, nobody knows the name of Simon Whistler wife, and daughter. Even the media is unable to trace down the names of them. Simon Whistler Always keeps these names private to him from the media and LimeLight. Simon Whistler wife is certainly a beautiful lady and the audience often sees her in numerous events with her husband.

Simon Whistler Career

On 3rd February 2010, Simon Whistler starts his career as a YouTuber. He has his own two major platforms where he constantly uploads a lot of videos. Both of the YouTube channels are quite popular among the audiences with the name TopTenzNet and TodayIFoundOut. However, his journey of him as a YouTuber start with the YouTube channel TopTenzNet Where he used to share the top 10 best stories of different types of things. This channel has almost 1.8 million subscribers.

In addition, in the year 2011, On 13 October he creates his second channel named with TodayIFoundOut. However, after starting another one more YouTube channel with his name succeeded to get approx 18 k subscribers.

Simon whistler’s other YouTube channels

Besides his two major YouTube channels, he also created a lot of other YouTube channels. Even Simon Whistler hosts a Food Channel with his friend and used to be a podcast host.Simon Whistler podcast Even gets viral when he was at his peak of success. Now here we are going to mention all those other YouTube channels that he has created for his audience is to entertain. Let us take a look broadly at those YouTube channels.

  • He created a YouTube channel with Visual politikis, where he used to discuss every aspect of politics and important things related to politics as well. Moreover, he also covers all the economic weak points of the country in his discussion through the YouTube channel with his audiences.
  • Besides that, he also created another one more YouTube channel which is Highlight history. Through, the help of this particular YouTube channel used to discuss all the interesting stories and facts of history.
  • Another more channel that he included in his list is a Business blaze. With the help of this channel, he used to help all the business people and beginners, multiple brands name and provide information about the invention.
  • On the other hand, he created a channel named Mega projects, Where he used to cover all the interesting achievements of humanity.
  • Another more popular side YouTube channel of Simon Whistler of his Side projects. On this YouTube channel, he only talks about all those buildings which have been left out without using them properly. In addition, Simon Whistler podcastor hosting shows becomes day-by-day popular when he used to start this new profession.

Is Simon Whistler Married?

A lot of people are curious to know whether Simon Whistler is a married person or not. To let them all know we want to disclose the thing that Simon Whistler is a happily married man. It has been said that Simon Whistler married his longtime girlfriend and settle down early in her career. Besides that, the name of his wife is still untraceable because he is a very private kind of person and not very much formed to let the media know about his personal information. Simon Whistler wife is still with him and they both had a beautiful baby girl in their family.

Is Simon Whistler Dead?

A rumor About Simon Whistler death had been spread all over the internet in the last few years. The fans of Simon Whistler become very curious to know about this fact. However, as per the report of 2022, Simon Whistler is fully fit and fine. He is doing his job and creating all the content to surprise his audiences. Therefore, there is no truth behind the story of Simon Whistler death.

Simon Whistler unknown Facts

Now here we are going to provide some of the unknown facts about Simon whistler in detail.

  • As we all know he is a person with a lot of interest in traveling. Therefore, he used to spend a lot of time in his life traveling. Besides that, you are also making travel blogs and earning from those blogs by uploading them on his YouTube channel.
  • He has two Major YouTube channels of his own. Both of the YouTube channels Have Remarkable subscribers to notice. The first one has around 1.9 million subscribers and the second one has approx 1.3 million subscribers. Whereas his personal YouTube channel of him succeed to get approx 19k subscribers.
  • Simon started his YouTube career in the year 2015 in July month.
  • Besides that, he gave several interviews and in one interview he has told his audiences how he became successful step by step.

Simon Whistler Net Worth

Several researchers have been said that the actual Simon whistler net worth is not revealed properly by him. But still, it is confirmed somehow that Simon whistler manages to earn Around 5 million dollars every year. Therefore, it is Simon whistler net worth.

Bottom line

Therefore, these are all basic and genuine information about Simon whistler. Without this informative information, you cannot know him better. Therefore, we hope we are able to provide you with all the best and most interesting facts about Simon whistler’s life.


What happened to Simon Whistler?

According to 2022, do nothing has happened to Simon whistler. He is physically fit and fine and actively engage in his professional career. Even he is making a lot of YouTube content for the audiences as well.

What is Simon Whistler salary?

In addition the audiences still today did not know about the actual salary of Simon whistler. However, it is assumed that he generates $5 million every year by his work.

Is Simon Whistler actually British?

Simon whistler born in England, therefore he belongs to the British culture. He is also a resident of the British Kingdom as well. Therefore he is British in nationality.

Where did Simon Whistler go to college?

As we all know the fact that Simon wheeler is a very private type of person. And therefore there is no particular information is available on the internet about his college and education. There is no information is available for the name of the college as well.

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