Moving Tips: 5 Stress-Free Ways to Prepare Your House & Dog for a New Home

House and Dog

Moving can be quite stressful. There are lots of things to pack, lots of boxes to load, and really, the thought and idea of moving into a completely new home can be exhausting in itself. But have you ever thought about moving to a new home with a dog? This can add to the stress. Dogs react to things differently so for every dog parent out there, you never really know how your dog will adjust to the new home.

Here are some tips and tricks for you to prepare your dog and your new home.

  • Get Your Dog to Learn the Basics

 If you want your dog to be able to listen to you when you ask them to do something, make sure you get the basic obedience training done. By getting the basics done, you lessen the chances of an uncontrollable dog disrupting your moving and packing process. Dogs are great, but when they get unruly, you might be needing to call your doggy daycare in Etobicoke to help you take care of them. Get the basic obedience training completed before moving to more complex training sessions so that you can pack and move with your dog without the hassle.

  • Visit Your New Home Often Before Officially Moving In

 Remember when you first got your puppy? The first night was one of the most difficult. One of the reasons why it happens is because your dog is unfamiliar with their surroundings so a new home could make them anxious or afraid. Avoid this by having your dog get accustomed to the new home. If possible, you could have your dog visit before you start moving some things as well as after. Positive reinforcement with your dog in the new home helps them feel they’re in a safe and comfortable place. They’ll also be leaving behind their scents which helps them remember the place the next time they come.

  • Try and Keep the Same Bed or Crate That They Used

Your dog is all about familiarity. Moving into a new home can disrupt their senses. Make sure that when you move into a new home, you keep their old bed at first so that they’ll feel comfortable. Make sure to bring along the items that your dog uses so that they have an anchor to hold onto when they move into an unfamiliar place.

  • Be Prepared for Your Dog Getting Sick

Dogs can also get stressed. Sometimes they can get some stomach issues such as diarrhea. To protect your new home, make sure you get the right cleaning materials and dog essentials. Always be prepared so you can protect that wonderful console table you purchased from Toronto and all your other new furniture.

  • Clean and Arrange Everything in Your Home

 You’ve got the new house, you’ve got the best furniture, and you probably also just contacted your Maidstone Internet provider. But the preparation and the planning don’t end here. Before you and your dog can officially move in, you have to clean everything from top to bottom. Make sure all the loose furniture, appliances, and decoration are put in place so that when your dog arrives, nothing falls or breaks.

When moving into a new house, it’s best that not just you and your home are prepared. Make sure to get your dog ready for the big move as well. Get used to the new house together with your dog. Remember to stay calm and patient so that you and your dog can more easily adjust to your new home.