Importance Of Ladder Safety On A Construction Site

Ladder Safety On A Construction Site

For construction workers, it is essential not to overlook ladder safety. Construction sites use ladders to work on heights, and falling from such great heights can result in multiple fatalities. Your and your colleagues’ lives depend on safety training, so this common work equipment may not be as unimportant as you might think.

Every year, thousands of workers fall from heights and injure themselves. Like this, many families lose their loved ones. The unfortunate thing is that most of these accidents are avoidable and can be prevented with the right training and safety equipment. If you have been injured, your employer might be liable. Speak to a construction accident help attorney today.

Tips for working safely while using ladders on a construction site

  • Ensure that you have the proper training to use a construction site ladder before using it. The work site manager is responsible for training and educating them.
  • The right ladder should be chosen for the right job. There are different types of ladders for different job types.
  • It is essential to inspect all ladders before using them. Old, worn-out, and broken ladders contribute significantly to ladder-related work site accidents. Ladders do not last long and need to be replaced after a particular time.
  • Position the ladder firmly and correctly on the ground.
  • The workers should not carry tools and equipment in their hands but instead, use a tool belt. Both hands should be used to hold the ladder while climbing it.
  • Wearing non-slippery shoes is important.

Common mistakes associated with the use of a ladder

There are certain common mistakes associated with the use of a ladder which results in most accidents. The biggest problem is that most people assume that ladders are simple worksite items and workers do not need the training to use them.

Common errors by workers include:

  • Overreaching/leaning.
  • Using a short or too-tall ladder.
  • Combining multiple ladders.
  • Placing ladders on uneven surfaces that cannot keep them straight.
  • Failing to secure rubber feet.

Therefore, it is a must for employers to provide adequate training to every worker about the correct use of a ladder. Providing basic safety training and equipment is vital because there is no other way to prevent ladder-related accidents.

Talk to an attorney today if you were injured at your worksite because your employer failed to provide you with the right equipment and training.