An Important Guide On How To Unhide Songs On Spotify

How To Unhide Songs On Spotify

Nowadays the importance of musical apps is growing its popularity among the audience. Multiple people like to use multiple musical applications so that they can enjoy all the songs of their favorite artists on a single platform. There are so many helpful applications also available for both Android and iPhone users that they can install on their device to enjoy unlimited songs. Besides that, at present one of the most popular and musical apps for song lovers is Spotify. Even you can also enjoy unlimited songs on this particular application Spotify.

At the same time, a large number of song lovers also asked the question of how to unhide songs on Spotify? If you want to know the answer and are looking for the answer to the question then here in this article we will talk about all the step-by-step guidance. To enjoy your favorite songs, this application will not only help you to bring your favorite song but will also help unhide the songs which you do not want to listen to.

Let us discuss quickly how to unhide songs on Spotify so that you can enjoy your song very fast and can also help other people to unhide songs equally. Different types of resources are there for different types of devices. And you need to simply follow all the step-by-step rules to unhide the song to the application properly.

What is Spotify?

Before discussing the matter of how to unhide songs on Spotify at first we need to know what Spotify is. In simple words, it is a musical application that is popular worldwide. People nowadays take the benefit of this particular application to enjoy all their songs in different categories from the different corners of the world. People are taking the help of this application to enjoy all their songs while going on outings or traveling. It does not only help you to enjoy your whole day pleasantly but will also help you to enjoy every lyric of the song.

Which things can Hide or Delete Songs on Spotify?

Subsequently, before entering the main topic of the article it is also important to know the causes of hidden or deleted songs on this application. By simply identifying the cause it will be easier for all the users to solve the problem immediately to the applications. Let us know all the possible problems on causes of deleted or hidden songs.

Causes of Hidden Songs on Spotify

  • First, the songs that the users are looking for on this application might not available.
  • You are internet connection might not properly be connected with the application or you may have a weak internet connection.
  • Besides that, the cause of hidden songs on the application might be users using another Spotify account.
  • The songs that the users are looking for might not available for the location
  • And the last reason can be the copyright issue for the song. Therefore those songs may not appear after your search or it goes to the hidden section.

Causes of Deleted Spotify Songs

  • The first cause of deleted songs on Spotify may be because the application is not properly connected to your device.
  • Besides that, when a user will download a particular song if the network connection is disabled on their device this particular problem can occur.
  • Subsequently, if a user is looking for a particular song and if it gets deleted accidentally then the song will not appear.
  • And lastly, any app-related issues can also bring out the problem and you will not able to find out your favorite song.

How to Unhide Songs on Spotify?

Now here in this section, we will offer you all the step-by-step guidance on how to unhide songs on Spotify. According to your device, you can choose any one of the options and can apply them to unhide songs and enjoy the song again on your device. Let’s know the simple steps that you need to follow carefully.

For Computer Users

At first, if you are a computer user then you need to follow some of the basic steps to unhide a song on the application. And here are some of the steps that you need to go through correctly.

  • Moreover, if you are using the application on your laptop or desktop then first you need to visit the official website of Spotify. And after visiting the official website you will simply have to put all the login information with the website.
  • After that, on the top side of the website, we will be able to find out the account login information and need to click on that. Similarly, by clicking on your information you will have to go to your settings.
  • And when the settings page will open in front of you, you will simply have to go to the display option. And then enable the ‘show unavailable songs in playlist’.
  • And ultimately you will have to go back to any playlist and need to tap on the hide/unhide toggle option.

For Android Users

Besides that, if you are an Android user and need to solve the problem immediately then follow the below-mentioned steps quickly.

  • First, the users will have to launch the application from their Android phone and need to tap on the gear icon by visiting the settings option.
  • After that other users will have to go to the playlist option and need to turn on the option for ‘show unavailable songs in playlist’.
  • And lastly, the users will need to save the changes and again have to go to any playlist option and by clicking on the hide/ unhide option to make the song visible again.

For iOS Users

The same steps are also applicable to iOS users just like the Android users.

  • At first, they will have to launch the application from their device.
  • They will have to go to the playback settings and need to find ‘hide unplayable songs.
  • And lastly, they will again have to click on the option hide/ unhide to make the song visible.


Therefore, these are all simple rules that you need to follow according to your device on how to unhide songs on Spotify. By following them properly and correctly it will be easier for you to enjoy again all your favorite songs on the application.


Can you get deleted songs back on Spotify?

As we all know the fact that this particular application does not maintain a backup for all the deleted songs, therefore you will not able to get the songs is to the website or through the help of this application. But if you have saved the songs on your device or computer then it will be easier for you to get back the song with the help of a recovery application like Recoverit Data Recovery.

What happens if you delete your Spotify account?

If you delete your account then you will also lose all the saved data including your songs playlist and other important things. But you can access your account by taking the help of customer support recovery of the applications.

Can you recover a Spotify playlist?

Yes, it is possible to recover the playlist with the help of the official website not from the application. By visiting the official website you need to give your login information and need Settings and then the recovery playlist.