How To Deal With Spiders In Your Home?


Spiders and insects are very common guests of our home. As soon as the summers begin, they keep visiting our home very often. While they give us that yucky feeling by their presence, most of us freak out just at the sight of these insects.

They can be unhygienic and be transmitting diseases and infections in the house, thus, it becomes very important to get rid of them at the earliest possible.

Pest treatment is one way of dealing with them, but it is just not sufficient enough to stop these intruders from barging in.

In this article, we will discuss the ways in which we can deal with common spiders at home.

1. Fill In All The Cracks And Openings:

The most common entry of the spiders is made through the cracks in our walls.

Getting cracks in the housewalls is a common thing, but these walls and any other such openings such as the small gaps between the windows and doors, etc., should be repaired to avoid the entry of insects such as spiders and cockroaches.

These intruders require just a little space to barge in the threshold of our house, thus, all such openings should be sealed.

2. Use Led Lights Only When Necessary, But Go For Red Lights In General:

A weird fact about these intruders is that they are attracted to light, however, a spider lives in the darkness and is only afraid of red light. You will find bugs around lights the most.

For an obvious reason, spiders and other such insects move around in search of food, when they see light, they see a possibility of getting food. So, they move towards lighted areas for food and make their web in dark to sustain their life.

One must switch on the lights of a room only when they need to use the room to avoid bugs, and use red light bulbs to avoid halt of any spiders in the house.

3. Keep The Surroundings Clean And Dry:

Another fact about spiders is that they make their webs in dirty and cluttered areas. The areas that are moist also increase the possibility of the entry of spiders.

Kitchen counters and bathrooms are the main entry and penetration points of these intruders.

Thus, it becomes exceptionally important for all of us to keep our kitchen counters clean, avoid any spillage of sugary items, and keep them dry.

We must try to avoid moisture from building in the bathrooms as well and try as much as possible to keep it dry.

4. Make Plantations Away From The Entrance Of The House:

Everybody goes gaga to maintain the aesthetics of the house, we usually plant flowers and trees around the vicinity of our house, and sometimes to make the house look more visually appealing externally, we grow plants inside the rooms of our house reaching out to the outer boundary of the house.

This activity should be avoided. Spiders get easy access to our home and a very easy hiding spot. They may sit in the flower pot and move here and there, and be difficult to be removed. Thus, plants should be kept at a distance from the entrance of the house to avoid the entry of intruders.

5. Deep Cleaning And Dusting Of The House Is A Must:

Maintaining cleanliness in the house is very important, cleaning every corner of the house and engaging in deep cleaning is not a feasible thing every day, but one can do that at regular intervals.

One must get the house dusted and cleaned, by moving all the furniture and getting all the nooks and corners of the house inspected for the presence of these spiders.

They might be hiding in some of the corners of your house, the cleaner you keep the house, the more will the spiders be away from your home.

6. Using Essential Oils Or Vinegar Spray:

Spiders just can not tolerate the smell of vinegar or some essential oils such as eucalyptus essential oil and tea tree oil.

These oils or vinegar can be directly sprayed onto the surface of the furniture and corners of the house to avoid entry and halt of the spiders.

The smell of these items is so strong that the spiders are forced to leave the space and move away.

These are a few ways through which one can remove spiders from their house. The most important thing to keep in mind is cleanliness, the cleaner a place is the less penetration of insects takes place in that area.

Other than the above remedies, one can also go for a pest control, or an exterminator, but the efficacy of these treatments will only increase when we mend our small habits of day-to-day living.