Best GPS Tracker For Kids In 2022

GPS Tracker For Kids

As parents, letting your kid outside the house for the first time, can be quite the challenge. No parent can ever be convinced that the outer world is safe for their kid. It doesn’t matter how old the kids are. There will be a constant wave of worry and anxiety, associated with this topic.

However, the situation gets worse for working parents, who have to leave their kids at the mercy of strangers, for a long period of time. This is when a  GPS tracker comes into the picture.

GPS trackers are those tiny electronic gadgets, that notify parents of the real-time location of their child. In this article, I have mentioned some of the best GPS trackers that you can consider for your kid.

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The Top GPS Trackers For Kids

The category of GPS trackers, have got quite the variety. Some of the popular designs include watches, small plastic tags, and phones, that you can fit inside the backpack of your kid, or simply attach to their shoelace.

Some parents also want to consider these gadgets on the basis of their kid’s age. The primary reason behind this, is to ensure that the device has a long battery life, along with an affordable subscription plan. However, if the child is a bit older, then the parents look for devices that can be used easily, by their kids.

Here’s presenting a list of  GPS trackers that would be ideal for your kids.

*Jiobit Location Tracker

The Jiobit Smart Tag is a small but mighty GPS tracking device, which notifies parents about their child’s real-time location. It comes with several wearing options. The kit consists of a strap clip, secure loop, integrated loop, and a hemlock clip. These things allow parents to attach the Smart Tag to the pants, backpacks, belts, shirts, pockets, etc.

You can even secure it on the Graco 4Ever Dlx  4 in 1 car seat, for infants. It notifies parents with useful information regarding their child through the app. You can also connect using Bluetooth, to anyone with the app, who is in charge of your baby.

Publishing Price: $150

Network: All LPWA networks with Bluetooth, Wifi & GPS

Range: Any given distance

Weighs: 0.6 ounces

Battery Life: 240 hours

Features: emergency dispatch, shares location, and has an  alert button

Application Platforms: iOS & Android

Subscription Fee /month: $8.99-14.99

*GeoZilla GPS Tracker

In case you are anxious, about your notorious bundle of joy losing the GPS tracker, GeoZilla, is your savior. The small square-shaped look of this tracking device makes it easier for parents to secure it in their child’s shoes or pockets, or tuck it inside their backpack.

The simplicity of this secret device is ideal for those parents, who do not want to give their kids an elaborate electronic gadget.

Publishing Price: $60

Network:  GSM network

Range: Any given distance

Weighs:1.1 ounces

Battery Life: 5 days

Features: Emergency SOS, shares location, along with geofencing

Application Platforms: iOS & Android

Subscription Fee /month : Starts from $5

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*Tracki Mini GPS Tracker

The Tracki Mini GPS Tracker is a no-fuss, and affordable, tracking device. This small structured GPS tracker is perfect for kids, with one of the simplest setup systems. It takes hardly 5 minutes to secure this device.

You can attach this device with multiple accessories, which include a lanyard, a keychain clip, and a belt clip- to send off with your child.

Publishing Price:  $19

Network:  GSM network

Range: Any given distance

Weighs:1.3 ounces

Battery Life: 3 days to 3 months, depending upon the usage.

Features: Speed alerts, shares real-time location, along with geofencing

Application Platforms: iOS & Android

Subscription Fee /month: $9.95- $19.95

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*Apple AirTag

The AirTag is designed to discover objects like wallets, luggage, or keys. Apple does not recommend utilizing this device to track your kids. However, its small size, affordability, & easy synchronicity with iPhones, intrigue many parents to use it for tracking purposes.

Publishing Price:  $29

Network:  Bluetooth Only

Range: Within 33 ft of any Apple device

Weighs:0.4 ounces

Battery Life: 1 year

Features: Beeping Alerts and pairs with the Find My app

Application Platforms: iOS

Subscription Fee /month: None

*Pinwheel Smartphone

When your child longs for a smartphone, but you do not want to give them one because of their age. In situations like these, a Pinwheel smartphone comes to the rescue.

This therapist-approved smartphone is used by parents to monitor their child’s activities on the phone. It gives parents the authority to select apps and content that, they want their children to consume. Basically, parents use it to customize their children’s phone.

Publishing Price:  $200

Network: Can work on most of the carriers, but some might require Pinwheel Plus

Range: can be accessed within any range,  if the phone is turned on

Weighs: Unavailable

Battery Life: varies

Features: Voice calls, Camera, Texting, GPS tracking

Application Platforms: Android

Subscription Fee /month:$14.99 + a cellular plan


Having said that, we have come to the end of this article. It is to note that, the aforementioned GPS trackers are the best ones in the lot. Therefore, it is safe for you to consider them, for your kids.

However, in case you are someone who has used any of the above devices or has got some extra points to add. Our comments section is at your service. We’d love to hear back from you.