Choosing the best Color temperature for Night Lights

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Have you ever thought about which color suits your garden area? Choosing the right color for the right area is a difficult and skilled task as it is a crucial part of installing lights in the landscape area. By contacting any outdoor lighting service or finding outdoor lighting services near me, you will get the results but it’s important to choose the right man for the right job.

If you don’t know anything about color contrast or color temperature, then don’t worry as, by the end of the article, you will learn about the basic things that will help you choose the perfect color contrast for the outdoor lighting. So, let’s find out.

Which color temperature is best for Outdoor lighting?

Choosing the right color temperature is important because it gives a good sight to your house and garden. If you didn’t choose the color temperature according to your house and area, then it won’t be as attractive for the people which results in a waste of money.

The color temperature should be considered first before installing the LED lights in the garden or anywhere because once your install them, it would take more money to change them and also requires extra money for servicing and other things.

Now, let’s see which color temperature is ideal for the outdoor lighting system. There are two types of lights available i.e., Warm lights and Cool lights. Each of them has its purpose and own lighting effect.

  • Warm color temperature is suitable for displaying the architectural effects that range from 2500-2700 kelvin. You can use the cooler temperature on the plants and trees with a kelvin range of 3000K-4000K.
  • Warm color attracts people to your house whereas if you use a cooler temperature then it may turn off the guests and take away your surprise element.
  • Cool colors and temperatures are best suitable if you want to show nature’s beauty around your house like in a garden. Cool colors work perfectly with plants, flowers, foliage, and trees.

What is the popular Color temperature available at present time?

You will find 4 types of color temperature schemes which include very warm white (2200K), Warm White (2700K), Warm or Natural white (3000K), and Cool White (4000K). You can contact the agencies nearby you like orange county lights and give them the contract for outdoor lighting.

What are the steps for outdoor lighting maintenance?

Installation of outdoor lights isn’t the only big step as maintenance plays an important role too. After the installation, you need to make sure that the LED lights work fine for many years without any problem.

For that, you need to follow the tasks

  • Clean the internal reflectors and lenses
  • Keep the position of the fixtures intact
  • Use timers on the lights to save energy
  • Replace the bulbs and other equipment if they aren’t working properly
  • Clean nearby the LED lights
  • Don’t use wet clothes for cleaning
  • Protect the lights from the water.


Color and lights play an important role in making your surroundings look attractive to the guest. Therefore, it’s best if you follow the color temperature schemes while installing the outdoor LED lights and take the necessary help from professionals by contacting the outdoor lighting services.