A Guide to Choosing the Right Corporate Housing while Traveling

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Luxury in a unit like never before is the correct depiction of a corporate housing. Whether you are relocating for work or need to visit a site, getting a corporate apartment is your best bet. Professional and personal reasons go hand in hand with these sorts of houses. Corporate rental apartments are fully furnished, tech-equipped, and ideal for long-term stays.

Companies with frequent traveling employees mostly opt for these houses, and they want to avoid long hotel bills. The units are fully stocked with supplies for the visitor’s use. They provide almost all the benefits of a house with easy corporate apartment leasing options. Corporate housing apartments are mainly used by big firms, students, tourists, or the general public all around the globe.

Significance of Corporate Housing

Corporate apartments provide comfort, which is hard to find on a short-term basis. Companies that provide corporate housing in Chicago offer rental apartments with flexible terms and great prices. Business professionals, locals, or tourists mostly find themselves in a frustrating situation regarding a place to stay for the time being.

Corporate housing fulfills the lack of facilities, privacy, and reach offered by low-quality hotels and motels.These corporate apartments are available for rent, saving the renter from furnishing hassle and getting their appliances. They offer adequate space and comfort, which gives mental relaxation and security.

Factors To Keep In Mind When Choosing the Right Corporate Apartment

With so many corporate housing companies in the market, it is tricky to look for the right option. So many companies might attract you with their prices or provisions, but make sure to do your due diligence before making your decision. Some factors you should look out for when choosing the right corporate house are as follows.


The primary thing when looking for corporate rental apartments is their location. Keep in mind that the location of the corporate apartment should be nearest to your firm as an employee or a popular destination as a tourist. The location is also essential as the rental should have a primary departmental store or pharmacy nearby.

The location should not be

  • A long commute to your workplace or close by dining places
  • A non-secure neighborhood
  • A far-off place from public transport


The corporate housing apartment should ooze quality and comfort. Ensure the rental property is full of everything you might need during your stay. It should offer you a comfortable environment to relax or work. As it will be your short time home, it should have basic facilities such as

  • Fully Functional kitchen
  • Laundry provisions
  • Furnishings (Linens, towels, utensils, cookware, electronics, etc.)
  • WiFi
  • Parking space for your vehicle If needed.
  • Adequate space
  • Weather protection

Value for Money

One key factor while choosing the right corporate apartment for leasing is to gauge pricing. Prices may vary according to the services provided by the corporate housing companies. Some places might offer a great price but have many hidden charges later.

To calculate that specific area of stay’s cost average, make a realistic comparison with other sites. This will help you decide if that rental is excellent value for the money you are paying or not. You can choose the corporate apartment that best fits your budget and requirement.

Customer Service

Another critical aspect of corporate rental apartments is the provider’s customer service. There are some basic things that the rental providers are responsible for. Being non-responsive in these situations means it’s a low-quality corporate apartment. They should be able to provide

  • Repair services If needed
  • Maintenance If required
  • Emergency services in any case.

Terms of Stay

When choosing corporate housing for your stay, always look at the terms and conditions specified by the lessor. Some lessors have specifications about if pets are allowed in the unit or how many people can live in the space. Some corporate house lenders are picky, and to keep their rental in optimum condition, they allow limited use of some appliances or facilities. Look into these terms when looking for a corporate rental apartment. The terms to look out for are

  • Allowance for guests
  • Allowance for pets
  • Appliance usage specifications by the renter

Long and Short Term Leases

Corporate apartment leasing is arduous if you have an unpredictable work cycle. You can get a month-to-month wavering short terms lease. It may be hard to renew your short-term lease if you plan to stay for longer than you intended. This may be because the rental is in high demand or pre-booked by another customer.

Long term lease contracts, on the other hand, can also be hard to deal with if you are planning to cut your trip short and need to vacate as soon as possible. The lessor might ask you for a hefty payment as collateral for the profit they might have earned for your stay.

Customer Reviews

Always look at customer reviews when choosing the right corporate apartment; it is in your best interest. Many sites provide legit reviews from customers who might have used or lived in that corporate rental apartment. The comments to look out for are

  • If the area was secure
  • If the corporate housing apartment was spacious
  • If the place was well-lit
  • If the providers offer excellent customer service
  • If the providers were responsive to any issues

Filtering out these points might lead you in the right direction to opt for the correct short-term corporate house.


Corporate housing apartments are high in demand because of being fully-furnished and equipped with electronics and security. They offer a short-term living space that provides comfort like your home, whether you live there for work or recreational purposes. Choosing the right corporate house is tricky because you must consider various factors.

These factors include the rental apartment’s location, facilities, security, and price. Maintenance issue provisions and comfortable terms are also crucial for a positive experience. Always look out for lease options that the providers offer because if they are not flexible, it might be hard for you to extend them in case of any change of plans. Good customer reviews are always a telltale sign of whether the corporate apartment is suitable for the stay, making your choice easy.