10 Best Names Of UK Business Directories


Listing the name of your company or business to the local business directory nowadays becomes much more important a thing. By listing the names of your business, you can make your business globally recognized. Besides that, it will also help your business to get enough success and traffic or for the website equally.

Initially, by listing the name of your company to the main business directory, you will help Google to understand your business deeply. It helps your business to become expand and expose to audiences. Multiple business directories are nowadays available which help the business owners and the websites to offer every single piece of information about the visitors.

Additionally, all the business directories help all the business websites to arrange revenue and traffic quickly. However, a lot of UK business directories nowadays are present to help your business to grow fast.

Here in this article, we are going to share all the top best names of UK business directories so that, you can list your website name. Each of the business directories helps in multiple ways to arrange the success and revenue for your business.

Besides that, it also offers global recognition for your business and shares all the significant information about the customers that they are looking for your website.

Moreover, theUK business directory is the platform that records all the names of websites in a maximum number. And people can also get a small description like a phone book, and can collect all the major and minor significant details about a particular website.

What Is Business Directory?

In simple words, a business directory is like a platform that collects all the present and past information about all the websites together. It acts like the searchable online registry or Index of all business names. The visitor will be able to find out the website’s name or the business names according to their category or type, on the business directories UK platform.

Regarding all the information of a particular business or website like website details, contact number, address, photos, opening hours, business name, and inbound links will be found on the platform together. Therefore, the visitor did not have to go anywhere else to find out all the details before taking the help of any business or website.

Reasons To Submit Websites To UK Business Directories

Through the help of this paragraph, we are going to share some of the reasons why your business website needs to be included in UK business directories currently.

1. Visibility

To increase the visibility of your business or website all the business directories UK help each one of the companies or websites effectively. Nowadays, it becomes much more important to include the name of business or website in the local directory. All the inhabitants of your locality or people around your locality can find out the maximum number of information about your business quickly.

And to find out the details quickly the business directory helps the audiences anytime. Not only that, it also helps your business or website to increase the traffic number. as we all know the fact and the reality of having the maximum number of traffic on a particular website is the way to bring success.

2. Mobile optimization

Nowadays everyone has mobile phones in their hands and they are using mobile phones for various purposes. Whether to collect information anything people utilize the help of mobile phone and the browser together.

However, to make your business more mobile optimization and mobile-friendly the UK business directory help their users every day. The reason behind making a website and business mobile optimization is that people can use their phone to reach out to any one of the particular websites very fast.

3. Build your brand profile

Besides that to make your brand profile creative and effective in front of the clients and investors the business directory helps a lot. The more you will be able to make your business profile stronger the more you will leverage to connect with lots of clients and investors. And ultimately it will help your business to get global recognition and it will increase your business or website among the audiences super fast.

4. Inbound links

Subsequently, by listing your business or website name into the business directory, one will eventually be able to increase the inbound links for the website. The inbound links also play a major role to increase the reputation of your website and bring out the most traffic for the company or website together. Therefore, to get all these facilities a business owner or a website owner has to include the name of their companies in the business directory.

A List Of Best UK Business Directories

To increase the reputation and establishment of your website or for your business, the UK business directories play a major role. You can take the help of any one of the business directories available in the UK. Here we are going to share some of the best names of the directories which you can consider for yourself to include the name of your website.

1. UK Small Business Directory

Those who have a small business setup or beginners who are investing their luck by running a small business can include their business name in UK small business directory. It is specially made for all the small business holders or the beginners to arrange the success for their business.

As it is a free site, all the beginners and small business owners can bring out the best facilities of using the directory. Not only that there are also available to paid membership one is silver listing and another one is gold listing. It totally depends on the business owners which membership they want to have and explore the features.

2. Intently.co

The intently. Co, business directory is situated in London. The business directory offers services in more than 40 countries and shares in a large range of service providers. Offer all the necessary and professional details about a particular business or a website in front of clients and investors.

They showcase every single detail in front of an investor to increase your business value. Moreover, from the year 2011, this business directory helps the companies to grab the largest traffic and success.

3. Britain Business Directory

Subsequently, the British business directory is another more famous and popular business directory in the United Kingdom. By listing the name of your website, you will be able to draw the major number of traffic and success for your website within a few months. This particular directory will help your business to apply all the promotional and marketing strategies to draw the attention of clients and investors.

You will have to wait for the maximum number of weeks 3 or 4 for your website. By paying only 6.92 dollars you will be able to include the name of your website on this directory.

4. UK Business Forums

To market your business you can take the help of another one more popular and best UK based directory is UK business forums. It is a well-known and reputed business directory which serves its services since 2003.

However, a business owner or a website owner can also get the best opportunities for deals by taking the paid membership. The paid membership is available in two categories one is full membership and another one is the premium membership.

5. ABC Business Directory

Another more effective business directory where you can include your business name is the ABC business directory. However, seems for the poor connection or server, it will take more than three or four months to review your website. After reviewing your website it will launch your website in front of the investors.

6. Yell UK

People who are looking for a quick submission to include the name of their website in the business directory can consider the name Yell UK. This platform is one of the most popular, oldest, and most reputed business directories which serve its Services for several years.

7. Google My Business

All the business owners or the website owners will simply be able to connect with their customers quickly with the help of the Google my business directory. Another more famous business directory is situated in the United Kingdom. This particular directory will help all the customers to reach out to your business by sharing the perfect map location and address details. Not only that, it will also provide the first Services within 7 working days.

8. Business Directory UK

The business directory UK was established and 1999 and since then it help all the small business owners to increase their popularity through the business directory platform. Every day more than 60000 people are visiting the directory to avail the features and to make their business established.

9. Scoot UK

To make your website or business get the immediate cognition and reputation and side-by-side a maximum number of clients you can take the help of scoot UK. This is another one best business directory that can help your business to expand online.

10. Yelp UK

And lastly, the name we are going to suggest you for the business directory is Yelp UK. In the year 2004, this particular business directory has established the UK and offered all the local business owners or website owners, the best facility for taking help of business directories.


Here we share all the top best names of UK business directories. All the business owners or the website owners can initially take the help of any one of the above-mentioned directories and can avail the best benefits by including their name in the list.

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